Jurassic-ParkThis site was created with two purposes in mind; of bringing you information on what we believe to be one of Microgaming’s best online slot releases, Jurassic Park and to bring you the best online casino’s that provide you with similar games. Our reviews are technically focused as we are on a constant search for the best gaming graphics that transport users like you and me into a different world.

We are a band of two college film students who are not only avid fans of the movie Jurassic Park but have set our eyes on the aesthetic pleasures of visual mayhem that thoroughly entertains people.

Have a blast with the site and don’t tell your friends how awesome we are as we are inundated with fan mail (not really…please do)

Hello, and welcome to Jurassic Park Slots. For those of you who stumbled across this page allow us to tell you a bit about it, that way we are on the same page, get it? We hope that you got the joke. Anyway, Jurassic Park is one of the many slots by Microgaming. Who and what is Microgaming? Well, the answer to that is all on this page right here Microgaming. Just click and boom, you will know all about Microgaming.

Who we are

We are online slot lovers. Like literally we love online slots and the Jurassic Park slot in particular. We are truly obsessed with them but in a good way. You see if we did not love them, then we would not be able to write about them. We just love online slots, we think that we have said one too many times, and we hope that we have managed to get the point across.

Which brings us back to the question of who we are. We are just a group of people who love online casino games, online slots to be specific. Allow to further narrow it down a bit, we adore Microgaming slots. Therefore, now that you know us, we will be more than pleased to meet you.

Where we are from

Where we are from is one of the hardest questions, but since this is the About US page, we might as well tell you. We are from all over the world. You see the best part of online casino games is that they are online and well, we are from that online. We are a group of students who met during college and we all found solace in our mutual love for everything Jurassic Park and online casino games. After we graduated, the best way that we could keep in touch was through this website. That is why we say we are from all over; our love of online casino games is one that keeps us together.

That’s enough about us, we would like to meet you, so do tell us about you in the comments section.

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